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12. Ci vuole poco ... S-24

C I   V U O L E   P O C O ...   S-24

1. Una notte intera [Eine ganze Nacht] G. Loose- J. Last; Wertmüller-Misselvia
2. Gira gira [Reach out I’ll be there] Holland-Dozier-Holland; Ital.wds.: Cassia-Cenci
3. Qui ritornerà [Here it comes again] Reed-Mason; Italian words: Nistri
4. Fortissimo [Lina Wertmüller-Bruno Canfora]
5. Gimme some lovin’ [Steve Winwood]
6. Tu guardi lei [Lina Wertmüller-Bruno Canfora]
7. Questo nostro amore [Wertmüller-Enriquez] w/ Luis Enriquez; I Cantori Alessandroni

1. Ci vuole poco [Perretta-Corima-Franco Pisano]
2. Stop, stop, stop [Allan Clarke-Hicks-Graham Nash; Ital.wds.: Mogol]
3. Per una come me [Morina-D’Ercole-Melfa]
4. Il geghegè [Lina Wertmüller-Bruno Canfora]
5. La Svizzera [Lina Wertmüller-Bruno Canfora]
6. La sai troppo lunga [Claroni-Enrico Ciacci]
7. Dove non so [Lara’s Theme] – Maurice Jarre-P.S. Webster; Ital.wds: Migliacci-Vassalo

This is the closest we get to a ‘Greatest Hits’ album in this review. Most of these songs had been already released before.  Actually as the Italians didn’t have anything close to a ‘sound-track’ album for any of Rita's films, this album tries to put two of them together.  Four tracks from ‘La Zanzara’ and six from its sequel ‘Non stuzzicate la zanzara’ [Don’t play with the mosquito] which was shot in the winter of 66-67.

UNA NOTTE INTERA’ Eine ganze Nacht – A nice ballad written by Günter Loose and band-leader James Last with Italian words by Wertmüller and Misselvia.  Rita sings it accompanied by Guido Relly and his orchestra plus the 4+4 di Nora Orlandi.

‘GIRA GIRA’Reach out I’ll be there – This Four Tops winner was covered all around the globe.  Rita’s cover is really good being close enough to the Motown original.  One can see that Rita was orbiting not too far from the Motown sound and soul that was the rage in the USA then.  But then there is a big problem recording a cover that is too well known.  If the original is playing on the radio people are bound to compere them and the original usually comes up on top.  How can anyone top the Four Tops?  That’s a rhetorical question only.

‘QUI RITORNERÀ’ – see ‘Rita, o Mosquito’ for comments.

‘FORTISSIMO’ – see ‘Rita, o Mosquito’ for comments.

‘GIMME SOME LOVIN’ – This Steve Winwood song is a winner.  Rita’s second cover of a  Spencer Davis Group original is pretty good.  The arrangement is excellent.  As in Strong love’, Rita sings only the first verse repeating it many times.  As a musical number in ‘Non stuzzicate la zanzara’ it is even more impressive.  Rita shows up black-faced deliberately reminding us of Diana Ross & the Supremes. Swinging London meets Motor Town Detroit.  Nothing bad for a 1967 flick when British rock and Detroit soul were kings.  Rita was cool again!  She should have forgotten her ‘children’ fans that were after all growing up quickly and wanted to see her doing adult not kid’s stuff.

‘TU GUARDI LEI’You stare at her –  Beautiful ballad written by Wertmüller and wonderful Bruno Canfora.  I would say ‘Tu guardi lei’ is in league with ‘Fortissimo’ and ‘Quanto sei antipatico’ [see ‘Rita, o mosquito].  Same Bruno Canfora magic all through its heavenly melody and stylish piano part.  This is the best song in the film. After watching the movie I couldn’t wait for it to be released in Brazil. But RCA Victor couldn’t be bothered by mid 1968.  The movie itself played for only a few weeks to disappear completely from people’s memories.  By 1968 Brazil was a different country.  We lived under a harsh military dictatorship that would harden even more later in the year.  Italian music was pratically non-existent in the charts anymore.

‘QUESTO NOSTRO AMORE’ –  This love of ours –  from Cantagiro 1967.  A beautiful ballad written by Lina Wertmüller and Luis Enriquez especially to open and close ‘Don’t play with the mosquito’.  This actually would be Wertmüller’s last last colaboration with Pavone because soon after that she became involved in ‘serious’ movie-making that brought her overdue ackowledgement internationally.  Wertmüller went for bigger and better things.  Everyone involved with Rita then knew that she was having a secret romance with her manager Teddy Reno. She later claimed that ‘Questo nostro amore’ was her and Teddy’s special love song and she would give her all when performing it.  Ferruccio Ricordi, Mr. Reno’s real name, was still technically married and father of a boy.  Divorce was illegal in Italy then so they had to hide it from the public otherwise they would be excomunicated by the draconian Vatican.

Questo nostro amore’ was released in the spring and became a big hit in the summer of ’67 when Rita sang it at Cantagiro.  Actually in hindsight it was Pavone’s last big hit. After that she had only medium sized hits at Ricordi and when she went back to RCA Italiana the times had already changed and she never had a chance to catch up with them again. Well, apart from career moves and private life decisions this is a superb song by anyone’s judgement.

‘CI VUOLE POCO’ – It takes very little – This is a surprisingly good song that was not such a big hit or anything at all.  The only information we have is that it was on a TV show called ‘Il tappabuchi’.  It tells the story of a girl who’s interested in two men at the same time... and she is undecided which one to take.  Actually it takes very little to decide which one she’ll choose.

‘STOP, STOP, STOP’ –  Such a boring song.  The Hollies had so many good songs to choose from and Rita [or her producer] came up with this dud.  Okay, it’s not the end of the world but it could be better, much better.

‘PER UNA COME ME’For one like me –  Here’s another good ballad. There’s nothing really outstanding about it but it’s good melodically and pleasing to the ear.  It has never been released in Brazil either.

‘IL GEGHEGÈ’ – see ‘Rita, o Mosquito’ for comments.

‘LA SVIZZERA’ –  Swizerland –  Sixth song from ‘Don’t play with the mosquito’.  It makes sense in the movie because Rita’s father is the chief brass in a military academy that trains Swiss guards, those types we usually see standing around the Pope in the Vatican. Musically mediocre... it’s hard to concede that Canfora also had his bad days... bad melodies in this case.  What can you expect from a song that begins with someone shouting:  ‘Ein, Zwei, Drei!’

‘LA SAI TROPPO LUNGA’ – see ‘Rita, o Mosquito’ for comments.

‘DOVE NON SO’ – ‘Lara’s Theme’ from ‘Dr. Jivago’ [Zhivago, in the English transliteration] – Maurice Jarre score for ‘Dr. Jivago’ is amazingly beautiful.  The problem with this fragment of ‘Lara’s Theme’ is that it’s been sliced and butchered in a way that it became boring and unappealing.  I love Maurice Jarre’s sound track but I hate Pavone’s cover or Ray Conniff’s or Connie Francis’ or anyone else’s. They should have not touched it.  Buy the MGM sound-track album because ‘Dove non so’ is boring.  Besides, it is long and dragging all the way.

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