Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The albums of RITA PAVONE

This blog started out as a vehicle to express my opinions about albums recorded by Italian singer Rita Pavone. It spans from 1963, when Brazilian RCA Victor released Pavone’s first album, up to 1967, when RCA Italiana released ‘Little Rita nel West’ her last album before she switched record labels going to Ricordi.

This blog only covers Pavone’s first phase at RCA. It is biased towards particular albums that have been released in Brazil, Argentina, Germany and the USA. My point-of-view is the basis for these reviews. It is only my personal opinion which sometimes can be main-stream but may also be outrageous.  I don’t have to make sense at all although I have tried to be as fair as possible.

I confess I have been a dedicated fan of Rita Pavone’s ever since I saw her on Brazilian TV on 25 June 1964. I took an active role at the Brazilian Rita Pavone Fan-Club until 1967. After that, I guess, I grew up or changed tastes and habits. I still look upon those days with a wistful longing and love to write about 'them good old days'.

I’ve chosen 11 albums to ‘review’.  They are the ones I’ve had at some time or other in the course of my life. I skipped ‘compilation albums’ even though 1966's ‘Ci vuole poco’ could almost qualify as such. I welcome all kinds of comments coming from you, readers. If you agree or disagree about a song or opinon, please,  leave a note saying so. Thank you so much for your visit.

Toto Faria.

Rita Pavone's albums released in Brazil between 1963 and 1965.
Rita's Greatest Hits released in Peru is NOT reviewed here. 

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